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History In The Making: Helping Correspondence

History In The Making: Helping Correspondence


In the earlier days of Panola County (possibly ‘30s, ‘40s
or ‘50s), Dr. Martin had a clinic at the corner of U S Hwy.
51 and the Pope-Water Valley Road. We’re told it was
across from the present day, Back Porch Cafe. Can any
of our readers fill in information about this clinic? How
long did Dr. Martin work at this location? Were any
surgeries done here? What types of illness were
treated in this clinic? Write us, please: Pan-Gens,
128 Eureka Street, Batesville, MS 38606.


Volume II
History of Panola County Mississippi
Pan Gen members must lead the way in ‘updating’ the
family, business, church and social news since 1986
Volume I was printed and distributed. Remember the
of Volume 1? ? ? ?
History of Panola County Mississippi
Distributed February 14, 1987
at the Batesville Public Library (Downtown
beside Elementary School Building; today’s Police Station)
1st Copy to Mrs. Bess Neal (Librarian)
Approximately 200 copies are at Dallas, yet to arrive here
200+ copies are mailed to purchasers at various addresses
300 copies distributed 2/14/87 to purchasers locally
Only 700 printed copies are in Batesville at current time
600 copies sold by 2/26/87 extra copies come from Texas
830 copies sold by 12/3/87
All copies sold 3/31/89