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Site of San Francisco Quake Archives

Site of San Francisco Quake Archives

The Commercial Appeal, Sunday edition, Section A, Page 17, reports the addition of a $1 Million dollar archive online which chronicles the earthquake of April 18, 1906. The article mentions the 'hotbed' of photography which was just underway in 1906: "The birth of Kodak's roll film camera" had just happened before the earthquake struck."

Described as :The archive includes 1,000-plus page official earthquake report ordered by then-Gov. George Pardee and prepared by eminent University of California-Berkeley "earthquake engineer" Andrew Lawson. It is now digitized and searchable for the first time."

Further, "The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire Digital Archives Project is on the Web at http://
It is

For a comphrehensive list of 1906 anniversary events, go to the www. site

This is a new research site sure to be investigated by the pangens as well as friends.

((Quotations of article written by Mary Anne Ostrom of
Knight Ridder Newspapers))