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UPDATING histories for Panola Co Vol. II: 10/28/06

UPDATING histories for Panola Co Vol. II: 10/28/06

We are sad to report that during the year 2006 only 14 updates of family histories have been done. 10 of these are computer generated with some template providing us anywhere from 4 to 12 pages of history of some families. 4 of the 14 are in novel form as you have read in the Volume 1 book released in 1986. The project will take several years. Perhaps we will have a book printer who can deal with the computer generated ones and bring them in line with the novel writings. Otherwise, we will use the computer generated for inclusion in the quarterly issues (The Panola Story) which is printed in serial form 4 times each year.

The Next phase of the project is to get our PanGens membership in line; then, choose the businesses, churches and historical events (not the least of which is the record setting '52' of the South Panola Football Tigers in the fall of 2006!!) of the county to include in the book. In the meantime, perhaps we will secure a book printer. Last phases of the project include: writing the copy for the book, actually printing Volume 2 and releasing the sales to the purchasers. We are only 1 year deep in these phases at the current time.

Here's the earlier Announcement:

Members and friends with a connection to Panola County, Mississippi are invited to UPDATE the 1986 'HISTORY OF PANOLA COUNTY', Volume I. Here's a form:



Location of Birth



Vocation (Job) of life

...............and the changes which have happened with them all....marriages, children, grandchildren, etc., etc.

Mail to: Pan-Gens, 128 Eureka Street, Batesville, MS 38606