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Tramel or Trammell SEARCH

Tramel or Trammell SEARCH

The PanGens are grateful to acknowledge a search for the Tramel Family. There are several possible spellings as in most family searches. Mrs. Betty Respess is searching. She may be contacted at 662-623-5179, if you have information.
Any details might be the clue to a greater find, so share any details you may have with her.

Charles (Charley, Charly, Charlie) Tramel (Trammell,Trammel) and Molly (Mollie) Newsome (Newsom) Tramel (Trammell, Trammel)

Need: Birth year, 1800s

Death year, 1930s or 1940s....

Place: Panola County; possibly Layfette County
perhaps on the county line

Again, your help would be appreciated by a call to Mrs. Repess and some writing via our GUESTBOOK as well for all to benefit. s/ Editors The Panola Story