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The '90's Children: South Panola Tigers Football--4th in a row!

The '90's Children: South Panola Tigers Football--4th in a row!


History is both near and distant. Continuing with us is the winning tradition of the South Panola High School Tigers of Batesville, MS. The 2003 and 2004 teams are both undefeated. What a storyline in history!

Currently, the winning streak of 60 games in a row boggles the mind. Local sports fans in their wildest imagination could not have envisioned this. As the 2007 season approaches, the preparation of the team members continues in the same mold. In order to get one's name on the football jersey, a specified number of visits has to be done during the summer months to workout---the home jersey and the travel jersey, too. The 2005 and the 2006 seasons enjoyed two additional State Championships with undefeated teams. The Tigers now have won 4 State Championships in a row and enjoy the streak of undefeated games-60! Best wishes to the 2007 version of the SP Tigers.

Batesville football has always been heralded in the state. Delta foes of an era ago always spoke with respect of the teams from Panola County.

But, since the '90s, the entrance of South Panola into the 5A classification has brought a dedication on a higher level too.

Who will write the history of the Batesville and South Panola program?

Might you have special recollections and stories to share although you may not have the whole historical record? This page is your page! We solicit your recollections as the 'popular history' of these football teams. Use our Guestbook to make us aware of your stories. Type some there; give us an address for contact with you.

For example:"'Now who was the running back that cocked his head back as he broke open at the line of scrimmage for another quickly run touchdown? What was his name,again? In what year did he play?".....You see, such is lost forever, unless there is a history!

And, "who was that young football player in the end zone with the football 'just off his finger tips' (could it have been due to a separated shoulder already sustained in earlier parts of the game) because he had difficulty extending his arms?" What was his name again? And, in what year did this happen and where did this play happen?....You see, such is lost forever, unless there is a history!

And, who added the pressure when the team was first dubbed 'University of South Panola'? What was his name? And, where did this first go into print? Which newspaper dubbed the team in this way? ....Lost forever, unless there is a history!

Please, supply your own 'popular stories'. If the names are inaccurate or the dates, by working together we will make the corrections so that history will be just that----His Story, accurated given.

This is your page! Recollections of the 'Children of the '90s: South Panola Tigers Football. Add to it, today, please. ((Site made possible by the Pan-Gens, the Panola County Historical and Genealogical Society. Meeting at the Batesville Public Library, 4th Thursday nights, 7 p.m. except for June picnic on location in the county and the comibination of November and December meetings on the first Thursday of December in the home of a local member.))